How It Works

Raceapacer will secure a horse for the Raceapacer program and preparare a Product Disclosure Statement (PDS).

You should not purchase a share in a syndicate unless you have read the PDS.

It may either be leased or purchased.

If the horse is leased then the cost of buying a share will be significantly less as the horse will be returned to it's original owner at the end of the lease.

If the horse is purchased outright then the initial cost of buying a share will be higher as it includes your portion of the purchase price. In this instance if your horse is sold you would receive your share of the sold price.

The cost of initial shares will vary depending on each individual horse. The PDS will explain all of the costs involved.

Generally speaking, a 20-person syndicate will garner an $80 ongoing fee per month to pay for your horse to be trained and looked after, however these prices are subject to change.

Once you've secured your share in a Raceapacer Syndicate the next step is to embrace racehorse ownership! Meet your fellow owners, attend Raceapacer functions and events and make sure you're trackside to keep in-the-know with your trainer and driver and to cheer your horse home!

Our Syndicate Manager Mark will keep you up to date with progress updates and to let you know when and where your horse will be racing.

Every current Raceapacer owner also receives an exclusive Owner Pack each season including a Trots Card which provides free entry to all Victorian Trots meetings.